Creative Director

I started working on Harley in August 2010. At the time, my Creative Director and I oversaw the complete redesign of the eCommerce shopping experience. After a technical hiatus in mid-2011, I was personally asked back by Harley-Davidson to finish the project. I spent the following 13 months leading the creative team and crafting the eCommerce site from sketches to wires to final comps. 

Some of my responsibilities included managing a staff of four designers and multiple copywriters, defining the entire creative approach for the eCommerce project, how that approach integrates with other lines of business within Harley-Davidson, collaborating with other agencies and vendors, hiring photographers and models, art directing photoshoots, attending user testing, estimating work and client presentations. Winner: 2014 Horizon Awards, Best in Class. 

2.5 years on Harley-Davidson. (password: bacon)

Black Label landing page concept. Password: bacon