watercolor & toner on paper. 18" x 24" each.

Even though my grandfather died of heart disease after decades of smoking, he had pretty advanced Alzheimer's which had an enormous impact on my family. With this project, I wanted to tell the story of how an intangible gene could result in something so devastating to millions of families around the world. Each poster is printed on 18" x 24" paper, showing my grandfather and I in our younger states. About 2,500 holes were drilled in each piece, revealing a watercolor portrait no one will ever see: each of us in our "advanced" stages of Alzheimer's – my grandfather in reality and myself hypothetically. By destroying the paper, the concept was to show the degeneration of a person – surrendering to this other side of a human known only to a hidden gene. The copy reads: 

"The risk gene with the strongest influence of developing Alzheimer’s is APOE-e4. Those who inherit APOE-e4 from one parent have an increased risk – where the genetic heritability of Alzheimer’s disease can be as high as 79%. Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. Without research, there can be no prevention, no new treatments and no cure."

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