57 vs 15
chips on paper. 14" x 11.

I have been following the big picture on boston.com for years because of the amazing photography. Over time, I have noticed that the majority of photos seem to have a negative connotation to them. So, I decided to look at the "2013 Year in Pictures" albums and count the number of negatively-themed photos as opposed to positive ones. These numbers were then represented by a graph made up of tri-color tortilla chips ordered late one night in my 5-star hotel room in Miami. The chips were smashed and formed into these visual amounts, placed on the hotel stationary and photographed on the bathroom floor.

A "negative" photo, (the blue tortilla chips), could be something like war, natural disasters, etc., and a "positive" photo, (the yellow tortilla chips), are celebrations, homecomings, and so on. "Neural" photos such as weather and nature were ruled out in the typographic portion and title of the poster, but are represented by the red chips.

Nothing more than a design exercise and an observation of how journalism is brought to the masses.